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Welcome to ProLuke

Our goal is to provide the most innovative solutions to the problems that may occur in modern industry. In cooperation with a large variety of experts we are able to introduce a new approach to every task we deal with. We believe that with our support your problems will be solved in the best possible way.

Reliable partner

Our offer consists of high quality products and services. Our solutions are innovative yet proven by many end-users. Cooperating companies and experts are of known brands and their experience is certified with many references. We're here to solve your problems and develop your business in the most efficient way.

We have answers

No more searching! Use our resources and keep your business focused on everyday operations. We'll do the research and show you the best path to follow to gain maximum efficiency and a competitive advantage. You can be sure that our solutions would be tailor-made perfectly matching your needs.


Our activities always consider environmental protection. Our products leave the smallest possible footprint during manufacturing and end-use. Our ambition is to combine state-of-the-art technology with nature preservation for future generations. We offer solutions that would have a positive impact on the environment.