Siloxane removal

Siloxane removal

Volatile Methyl Siloxanes (VMS) contained in the landfill and sewage gas is an increasing problem for gas engine operators. During combustion siloxanes convert into silicon dioxide which - combined with other gas compounds and lubricating oil - creates a hard deposit on the inner surfaces of the engine causing severe damage to valves, pistons, piston rings, liners, cylinder heads, spark plugs and turbochargers, which could lead to premature servicing and costly repairs

In cooperation with PpTek Ltd from the UK (part of Parker Hiross, a division of Parker Hannifin Corp.) we proudly present the unique Siloxane Removal System (SRS) - a small, self-contained unit that automatically regenerates the filter medium and requires a minimum of ongoing maintenance. It's a good alternative for popular active carbon filtration systems which filter the contaminants for a finite period and need manual removal of spent activated carbon (classified as hazardous waste) and disposal of the contaminated medium what is costly and requires constant maintenance.

Some features of the BGAK type Siloxane Removal System:

  • Removes up to 98% of siloxanes before they reach the engine
  • Payback achieved little as 12 months
  • Media life 5 years - no disposal costs
  • Safe automatic operation
  • Media is non-toxic
  • Low operating costs/overheads

The PpTek BGAK Siloxane Removal System removes the siloxanes, is environmentally friendly and enables engines to be run to their full potential between service intervals and overhauls. We also offer additional supporting equipment such as vent air burners, biogas dehumidifiers and filters.

Detailed information is available upon request.

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